So he says......

It’s so difficult hearing someone tell you about yourself in the most negative outlook. Sometimes we think that in everyone else’s eyes we are amazing figures, and that whatever we failed to do and achieve in their own individual eyes remains secondary and never important.

I had to hear someone out today. Stomach tossing and turning with anxiety of the awaited ear lashing of what I assumed would be insufficient bullshit. In actuality it was significant. It mattered, and I got a clear picture of how I reacted and responded to this person.

Selfish, self centered and absorbed. Viewpoint and interaction with him limited and one sided.

Spoken like a true champ!

Can we say deflated ego a bit? Was this how “he” viewed my interactions with him? Ugh! So be it. I started to become upset and angry all at once. When someone calls me out, or makes their best attempt at getting my attention in regards to a response and reaction normally a finalized encounter would occur, but this time I acknowledged the truth. My response was the absolute acceptance of the reality of the situation.

I have wanted more from my sought after partner. Dreamed of many interactions of the fairy tale and fuzzy endings. I never really looked at all the aspects of relationships, the dual demands from two viewpoints. I WANTED IT ALL and more, but going about it and being about it apparently are two different experiences.

So where do I go from here? Finding so much wrong……


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