Thank You-

What more can I say and do, to rid myself of these emotions? I turn to others for love and affection, but as intense and defining these feelings are once the moment passes I am left to fend for myself mentally and's a tough world to navigate when you are feeling love lost, but yet the beauty of these moments remain intense. I  felt when you finally release whatever it is you have been holding on to you are truly gifting yourself with the gift of unconditional love. 

Currently I am looking to redeem myself in the eyes of my current love mystery. I am seeking to learn from this happening and experience the world as we know it. I have fallen in love with "Kissmet" so deeply and so truly that emotionally I have come unravelled  and at times I don't even recognize myself. I try to play back in my mind the moment when I realized I was so in love with him that I couldn't ever turn the hands of time back onto our relationship.

I remembered when I initially met him, I heard in my right ear  a whisper from the went to my right ear... "I met my husband" and because of this I went full force with making all attempts to claim him for me, but yet nothing ever went right for me in regards to pursuing him. Everything went left, but yet I remained optimistic and hopeful that something would build and eventually happen, but each attempt at creating something out of nothing was met with slow stops. 

The rules of engagement have left me, I am literally winging it, but this time it's meant to be recieved. Through all the bumps and life hiccups our shared love has been mutually recieved. 

That connective tie that the universal forces created is not only in wonderment but beauty in the eye of the beholden...

Thank you Universe for my lessons and life laws. 

Love the higher love 


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