Setting the tone: The Love Experience

When I was in doubt and lost for words I would search for that significant feeling within my emotional set that would allow me to believe that there was something happening within me, that there was literally a steady movement of emotions that led me to be exactly where I am now. That set of feelings that allowed me to enter the present realm and mindset of MY NOW

Facing forward…

The gift of friendship shouldn’t come within confines of control, rules and unwritten codes. The ability to genuinely state the testament of your love for one another should suffice. What I am learning is that love is amazing and has no strings attached to it at all. Just waiting for someone to give you back the gift that you so willingly and continually give with no expectations, is the wait of an eternity; and with this knowledge I learned that simply sending waves of unexpected love, unexpected intentions of the best of and most sought after unexpected happiness matters the most. 

These lessons were figurative but destined arrivals within my journey and for these lessons have been graced with gratitude.

The connective people that currently wave my heartstrings have gathered many life lessons and deep understandings with them and I must acknowledge them even though there were in past or present reference.

A love whose schedule is neither suiting or welcoming to my own individual schedule, but the memory of the beauty of that summer still remains prevalent and important to me as I close my eyes and allow the sun kissed beams to take me back to that moment in the park where we sat and talked and believed that what we were experiencing was exactly a De Ja Vu, not knowing that summer would come to a close and so would the comforting confines of our closeness.


A kindred spirit and like-minded soul, whose openness and welcoming laugh centered me, in his absence I felt deeply of a connective spirit in which I felt at home and ease. What was not being said amongst us was silently said between us and oddly we had already known what was being said. When he hugged me as an amazing night came to end I felt as if his hug was centered on two things, not ever letting me go and then letting me know that he too had felt what was openly illustrated during our most intimate night of chit chat and unlimited laughter. His deep-set chocolate eyes reminded me of tomorrow.

When I think about everyone that has played a part in my resistance at times and acceptance of my unconditioned heart I am currently in the present moment experiencing the acceptance of it all. It’s major…and it’s movement within my soul!

So currently as I decided to take time to myself and for my most vivid and major life happenings, I took time to recollect my love happenings and not be afraid to explore the different levels of love within my life, for I was seeing love as one sided, the love that is depicted within a major motion film or written within the 259 pages of a novel written bliss. I decided to make mention of a love that was in passing and not in bloom, or the love that was meant to be framed for the limited time is was to exist. I am not in fear of that love that was only for today and had never made it to my tomorrow, because it has prepared me for what is to become and presently speaking I am comforted in that fact.


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