No limitations or expectations Cloud9: Contentment within the Quality and Courtesy if an overall experience.

The human emotions and psyche closely resembles guarded gates of unknown happenings until one enters pass these gates and begins to proceed forward…

Here I am!

Standing within these formerly guarded gates with a sense of optimism and hope and a sense of daring to dream and continue on dreaming until I have arrived at the destination that I needed to be at.

Life continues to be the blackboard for development and growth for me. I have learned that when interested in something in particular I can become quite the visual daydreamer, and make dreamed of moments matter mostly rather than the reality of it all.

The safety of thinking and over analyzing and coming to some sort of conclusion all on your own excludes the other persons interactions with you on that particular issue, and also, you become your very own champion and cheerleader, believing that what you dream up is in fact an uncontested truth…
record scratches and everything gets tossed up!

That is not a reality and in fact it’s the demise of the development of anything with anyone or allowing you to make a concise decision about something can now be retrieved from the garbage.

What I am seeing is that whenever you have a question, an interest or that burning desire to simply know something, you can pose the questions within your own mind and prepare yourself for the delivery of your question, but don’t expect an outcome or prepare yourself for an answer you have no idea what it will be.

So whenever I have the urge to simply visualize something and translate that something into more than anything beyond it’s current reality I stop myself and bring everything right back into the present moment. These feelings have become the precursor for challenge to myself to no longer experience surface relationships, to act out of courtesy, but emotionally responsible. To be sensitive and responsive  and considerate whenever addressing
anyone opposite of my own self and needs.

Allowing myself to be centered and in control of my own self, but accessible to another person’s emotional make up and sense of themsleves is what will allow emotional intimacy, shared vulnerabilities and openness to enter.


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