In an Image I had IT ALL: Capturing the Essence of it

There is absolutely nothing wrong with soliciting a memory or recapturing a thought of someone through a picture. It was in that still photo that I received everything I needed to know about you, and about me in that moment. I entirely believe in the theory of capturing an essence and emotion all within a photo. 

A recent picture has held not only my attention, but it has set precedence within my heart and mind which has allowed me to further my memory and want to expand on this image. The imagery itself is innocent as it was captured, but the content happiness not easily disguised by the newness of that moment spoke volumes within me.

The energy exchange of that moment was real and it existed. The connection was undeniable and the ease that I had experienced allowed me to emotionally eat that moment up, and as I chewed on the happiness and my heart was delighted and my mind expanding the instant romantic in me entirely took over, but as it took over I was in need of an immediate bring me back to my centered self and calm the emotions down.

This self discovery has led me to believe that when you have grown through out the years emotionally starved for that connective force, a force which comforted and complimented you, you soon began to realize that any form that resembled a slight grasp of emotional attention and affection was immediately zoned in on and manifested in my actions, but through the years of struggling to find that mutual affection and attention that I desired for I realized that suffocating something you assumed could possibly be your everything, for fear of wanting to take your time and get to know it and the possibility of it was within my control and something I assumed was the way of a love starved romantic.

I currently am looking at that picture and I am allowing the memory to flood throughout me, but I am not allowing the memory to overwhelm me or allow me to make poor emotional decisions and choices that leave my aching and ailing heart out to dry. 

So I captured your image and I personalized why it matters and means so much to me, but I am allowing your image to float away not in haste or distaste, but a positive reflective release of an image of happiness and mutual interest captured and for however long the interest may last I will always have that memory.


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