Finding my personal passion and inner dreams is what is driving me to the midst of searching for that infinite satisfaction. I am literally compelled to suffocate anything that reminds me of happiness and joy. Finding the calm and the compassion when showing interest is something that doesn't grace me, but yet it's something that I must learn.

I believe the one area in my life that was lacking of attention was my intensive romance sector, it's not as if I didn't visit this life point, I just never took the time to work within it allowing it to grow and develop into an area to be reckoned and fulfilled with.

It's an almost naiveté of sorts, because although I recognize disinterest, and definite differences with the opposite sex, I then don't counter these omens with the reality of the situation. Perhaps if I named a thing a thing and called lust or basic physical beauty interests only as so, then perhaps I could spare my emotional set and heart a broken heart string.

So how does one reveal their endless emotional self and most deepest beating heart and heart felts moments they wish to impress upon their significant other? How does one captivate the undulated attention of their significant other without resorting to being identified as creepy and a weirdo, and lastly, when knowing the time is right and the moment has presented does one receive the most highest and desired for and sought after love?

All of these questions run rampant within my mind and stain my heart and soul. 


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