I welcome this transition: Getting a head start on what makes an ailing heart whole

A testament to a missed step within the daily walk of life is when you value a soured experience for the life lesson and message afforded to you. What at one time puzzled you, no longer complicates you, and where there was a definite life fog occurring at one time there no longer exists the grayish haze when you have cleared your mind and heart.

A misstep that once could crush me no longer held power over me, actually I think about this recent incident as a life hiccup. Unexpectedly recurring with an exact cure that needed to be executed at once for unexpected maintenance. 

Well, I have found my cure and I have dug deep within to realize that everyone can simply pay you attention, compliment your daily habits and life interactions within them, however, not everyone values the essence of a divine interaction with someones spirit. Not everyone can understand the unique beauty of something they can't physically see or touch, but can be valued through other outwardly and inwardly bodily attributes. 

I take ownership in any confusing and undecided role I have engaged in, better yet I denounce it all together, LOL. I have decided to value each experience from a compassionate and mutual invested and interested stance. 

The days of one sided ideals, unmatched journeys and non value towards the betterment of yourself and significant other will not be acknowledge. 

As I walk forward I stand my ground of future betterment and a shared life experience.


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