I wonder about the state of affairs of the human heart, so jaded by the greed of others that one can become emotionally smothered with disappointment. 

Looking at still pictures and allowing each photograph to tell a detailed story is something the mind easily jumps at, especially if it is the story of a former lover as they have easily transitioned your experience with them out of memory to then place their newly interest as easily and openly as ever before. 

What comes into question is my own judgement and the validation of my heart above all and the experiences my heart decides to take on or easily rule out and forget. I can't help but wonder why my love was never enough to be claimed by their love, but yet to watch them smoothly transition into a newly assigned love, and have left me far and behind I can't help but remain in a stunted stance.

There comes into question many life doubts and questions to mind, but at the end of the day what has to be understood and recognized is that everyone is allowed their own motivation and as to why this particular life happening occurred and ended as so, and knowing this is the hardest piece ever.

So, I can sit uncomfortably in my feelings or I can choose to move along and move on with my love just as my past love interest did. With no ill feelings towards their eased movement, but a sense of peace towards the connective tie that needed to be cut.




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