Karmatic Ties: The emotional development and funneling of kismet.

I listen because I want to hear you. I listen because it is apart of getting to know you much better, but as I listen am I looking forward to giving of myself verbally?

It’s a stage and it’s a process I continually tell myself. The deeper you garner the experience the more far-gone you go and the more vulnerability becomes exposed within yourself when you begin to give of yourself.

 I still notice that I am holding in, but allowing a little bit of myself to seep through the emotional cracks. The fear of rejection and an unfavored reaction is deeply felt. All I continue to know is that I am simply I, and I must accept the challenges and changes that funnel up from within.

The temptation to be oblivious to what is before me is serious, but what faces me is something that I want to know. It’s with someone that holds my attention and allows me to think about the possibilities of sharing myself and receiving themselves in an exchange of karmatic ties and kismet.

So as this year nears an end within the next two months I have a lot of figuring out to do, firming of my abilities to communicate my emotional needs in an a way that affirms where I am heading to in regards to my love life and my present moment when developing a friendship, open and honest communication and respecting the wave lengths of allowing life to present it’s best self.

So when my waves of doubt start to funnel in I wont react in a way that will prevent me from a calming souls blessing of peace, guidance and the development of something true.


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