Sitting in your feelings: Allowing the emotional waves to touch your toes

I have been going through my most recent thoughts about how we (I) see an individual that interests me, and why (I) should remain calm and in control of myself and emotional set to learn further about the feelings that I have encountered and allowed to seep within.

 The Moment it all made sense

I am amused at the moments when I would get into a fit and become upset when something I was awaiting with that special someone fell through. I never allowed myself to really think about the external factors as to why whatever that was to occur wasn’t going to happen and how to peel my sensitive self from the floorboard and get right on up.

 The Bloggers Gripe

Through out the five years of blogging the emotional upheavals and the downsides of wanting love and wondering about how when in love and dating different personalities one could control and conduct themselves in a way that was almost like an aura beam and centering factor that allowed you to feel, personalize and live through the moment and experience, but intimately release it’s negative ties and holds and after effects on you and resume normalcy.

The now

I can have dinner with someone from my past and neither personalize their wrongs, or highlight my wrongs. I can see them in a friendly light and begin a connective newly sought after friendship that will allow us continued conversations, peaked interests and mutual friendly interest and respect. I can receive that clouded text message of misguided intent and neither receive it in a way that upset me, but receive it in a way that allowed me to see why your message was sent and received by me as so…and how am I moving forward and going along with the message received, but not holding onto for longer than necessary.

Communicative factor

Within this emotional comfort and ease with my feelings and words, I have discovered that I can address my wants and needs openly even when I fear the reaction and response from my intended receiver.  There is no answers in fears-

I listen
I question
I hear
I receive
I analyze
I embrace
I love
I let go
I love
Life continues


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