A Lover's in-depth journey within-

I love you:

There is never a time when my mind doesn't go to you. When my heart is literally skipping several beats when I receive a text or call from you. When I am feeling overwhelmed or lost in a situation and I am needing the freedom to feel and sense of escapism. It's all captured in you. If you could measure the emotional capacity to love, my love for you would transcend any number. I see my life shared with yours. I gift my life and future children to you. I would never leave you. 

I miss you:

Even when I separate from you the day, afternoon, evening to night all revolves around you. Your smile, laugh and scent remains embedded in my mind. I sleep restlessly without you, and it's until I start thinking of you everything within me settles a little more. I hear your name, chase your shadow. Time can go by, and we could have given each other space, but there goes no day or night when I don't envision kissing you.

I like you:

You aren't judgmental, you are intelligently opinionated and open minded and you are able to openly address your issues at hand clearly and concisely and you are fair. Be it good news or bad, you state it. Whatever you are feeling you calmly display it. You pay attention to me, and you honestly have taken notice of me. I enjoy our friendship, time spent together unplanned and planned. Your personality and overall being is what settles it for me.

I want you:

Sexually you are everything that drives me to want more from you. I have taken the role of your lover, your partner, your sextress. I have dared myself to explore the barriers of ones limiting mind, and not from fear of trying new experiences out with you, but from fear of failing miserably at them, but yet with you I can fly high. I reach many levels of echoing passions that resound deeply within me, but when I am with you it all makes sense. 

I hate you:

Our love is different for one another. I am settled and wanting more from you, you are in the midst of bachelor life and fear of being a conformist. Regardless of the benefits of our love, that you have visibly seen between us, you remain closed off to more. You will let me go, see me fall in and out of love, lust and life with another because of your fears. You are so blinded by your denoucement of your passions, that you not only deny you, you deny US.

I lust for you:

Call me a "Cheetah" or a woman whose inability to simply fall in love, choose one person and get on with life will forever remain tainted and affected because of my love, lust and emotional connection to you. I could be involved with another, but yet you will always have my attention and interest. I can be in the midst of a celebration, holding my partners hand and enjoying the sentiments of the night, but yet I will long and remember only you.

Putting out into the universe an acceptance of a universal love. A love not experienced by the one whose infatuated with another, but a love desired by two...

Recently I have been the object of peoples affections and attentions. I matter to them mostly when I can remain occupied by only their attentions, and yet as flattered as I could possibly be, I still long for more. My mind roams when we are apart, and in it's destination it has arrived at another's life scene. 

I could simply eat up this attention, and capitalize on being objectified. I could simply turn it on the gender based ego boosters in relationships nowadays. Or perhaps, I could say I am thinking like a man, while acting like a lady. 

Or, I could allow these life occurrences to happen and simply learn from each moment while retaining my truth in the fact of knowing how I love, and love to be loved. Knowing what drives me in my partnerships, and what will compel me to revisit and explore an opportunity once again. 


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