The Month of love, not confined to just one day 2-14. It's significance and definition within my life-

The month of February has held so many different definitions within my life, that it has allowed this reflective entry to come to fruition.

 This month always was to be projected a "predictive month" be it in my romantic life, dating life and single life. It's as if I focused only on what the month should give to me and represent to me, I had completely forgotten it's lore, because I was set on this particular day defining my love, showing how my love was to valued and thinking that this moment only would confirm and define my relationship.

Love is to be given freely and received openly.

 Once we set our intentions on perfecting love and defining love then we loose the essence of what love really is...

So I journey on this in-depth mission to no longer define my love, but create a love experience that will continue to blossom and bloom.

So will everyone be my Valentine...

 The  #LoveMe Challenge is a way to Learn how to Love me, and Love everyone else who enters my life openly and unconditionally.

1) Why are you doing the #loveme challenge? 

I am doing the #LoveMe challenge to learn more about my love style, and how do I love and continuing to love me more.

2) A photo of YOU
Question 2 Answer

3) A word that describes you?


4) A person who loves you?

I love me

5) A note to your past you?

Dear Past Robyne: You will go through many up's and down's, but you will appreciate the times when you were alone. To think and feel and develop your emotional self even more. 

6)  A note to your future you?

Dear Future Robyne: Relinquish your fears of a faithful and loving man who would genuinely love you as a whole and not in pieces of you.

7) One thing that is just for you?

A nice pen!

8) Share a scar:

My leg scar-

9) Share something beautiful:

Something Beautiful 

10) Share a secret:

 I  will always remember 4/22/10

11)  Share a smile:

12) Share a flaw:
I want everything to happen exactly how I imagine it will be experienced, and when I am let down it's the worst

13) Share a Quote:

"I think therefore I am"

14) Share a fear you overcame:

 I walked over the Manhattan Bridge for the first time, January 15, 2014 

15) Something you have done right:

 Living my life according to how I see, feel and think fit. No interruptions or exceptions.

16)  Something you like about yourself:

I like my sensual side of myself. My ability to show love in numerous ways

17) Something that feeds your soul:

Long summer days, salt water and My Travels

18)Something that feeds your brain:

 Reading and meditation time

19) Something you feel strongly about:

Finding true love

20) Something you love to wear: 

Sandals, maxi dresses, shades

21) Something you are proud of: 

My ability to rise to the occasion and come from hardships faced, humbled and grateful for the experience

22) What makes you unique? 

I'm authentically me

23) What is your best feature?

My smile

24) What makes you happy?

all aspects of writing. Being creative and doing exactly everything how I want to do and experience.

25) What makes you laugh?

Anything that can bring a smile to my face, touch my heart and bring a happy tear to my eyes

26) What makes you feel beautiful?

When I am feeling good on the inside it's reflective on the outside and I feel good.

27) What have I accepted about YOU (me)?

I have accepted that I won't settle for anything that does not feel good to me.

28) What have I learned in these 28 days?

To love openly, honestly and relentlessly. 

I dream of a day when my heart is at ease, content and happily satisfied. I catch of glimpse of you within my night glistened eyes and I know that once I awake you will forever be gone.

Openly and Passionately I dream of L.O.V.E


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