The Ending has arrived...and So!

You could have...

Perhaps a well detailed message of your inability to be honest with me in the nearest future would have sufficed. Perhaps my truth in how and why I want you so much has constantly consumed me to the moment of confusion. 

Maybe if I allowed myself to explode all my emotional vengeance onto you, then perhaps I could explain why your disappointments as of recently are no longer justifiable. 

When I recieve any form of communication from you, it strikes a pretty serious chord within me. When I fear a response from you, I dread reading your reply, but yet I know it will be freeing of me to partake in some explanation of why you disappointment me so...

I slept soundly in disappointment, knowing that you could neither be close to me or too distant to me in any realm because we will never exist. "I've got an Elastic Heart!"

The reality of this nothing has pushed me to understand that I must allow a memory to simply fade away, but yet I make small attempts to reclaim your interest, your attention to be idolized as if I am your God or for that matter your world...but yet I am not a cloud in your horizon. I am not a droplet of rain on a leaf, I am neither a rising sun to start your day or a setting sun to capture your evening. 

My importance to you is of none. 


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