Love is an Industry...

There was this love that simply would not leave me, it was if everything around me would implode if I left love alone, but yet I feared giving myself entirely to love. This love never truly showed me what it was made of. This love limited me to my original idea of love, the love that happened to show me alongside with guide me to researching all my ideas towards love. I never realized how important it was to truly have the love you have always wanted and desired to be given openly, honestly and with ease.

Currently, I have given myself to love and in gifting myself with the idea of love it has become lost to me. Forever an impression on my heart and soul looking to be devoured, there is no one who will understand my battle with love that has left me clearly jaded and my heart hardening, but then comes that moment when the ability to think about love and all the good aspects of love has continuously moved me allows me to have hope in the after effects of compromised situations.

I will figure you out. I was blocked so deeply for a months time. My inability to write was affected due to my ability to want more from my lover. I wanted what he could not offer and allowed myself to simply exist in the grayness, neither black nor white but the simple grayness of a world I was attempting to claim and get back to.

I believe I have finally allowed myself to realize that there is an art to love, when in love and when being in love. I will allow myself to envision the journey as something so complete and something so true that the fear and doubt and the mixed emotions and experiences will never hurt me.

Sometimes I regarded the lack of interest as a fault of mine because I feared that I simply did not add up to what my perspective other was looking for, but then I realized that I am everything I ever wanted and needed and that no matter what the case I would always prevail. My love for myself as mastered and bested even the worse of times, and although love has become evasive and is making its most attempts at leading me through another sliding door, yet again I welcome you.

So  with everything being said I am daring and challenging myself to give more love and with no conditions!


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