Then What???...No longer the Status Quo!

When you have fed your thirst and silenced the cravings, then what? When you have broken a kiss and turned away from the lips you had connected with, then what? When you have departed from the moment that once held you captive, then what?

Having experienced a lot of "Then What" moments in my lifetime, I haven't really thought about the moments after the disconnection. At one time I isolated my mind on only the time in between and none after. Time was of essence when it was experienced within that limiting moment.

Recently I had to tell myself that the "Then What" was simply a temporary fleeting feeling that would too pass, and when it passed I would be able to put in place moments in time that would matter the most to me, and so I have.

It's never too late to replace former experiences with enhancing experiences. For instance, the enjoyment of your lovers company should not only be limited to the time you spend together, but it should also include the time you are away from one another and the things you do to remind one another of your connection.

A former fear of mine, was being literally so isolated within my relationship that once the connective forces broke apart I would soon be easily thrown for a curve. The curve in the road would ignite feelings of boredom, indescive, a need for self freedom and an almost wanderlust attitude in regards to my relationship, but then I slowly learned to continue to enjoy self, develop patterns and yield to expectations shared and voice in unison. Inclusion over exclusion was my motto, and it's currently sustaining me.

So in my lover's absence I am not disconnected, but connected to the moment that continue to spotlight my day(s), and when we finally settle and meet it all simply works. So effortless and without thought is the shared emotions of two.


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