Last Night

I was swallowed into the depths of my emotions, by the passion of another; and just not any old passion, but the passion of a lover.

He is not just any old lover, but he is a lover of my mind's design. He is the lover who I will not object to. He is the lover my body and soul has beckoned to, on endless nights and throughout endless dreams I called to him and he has finally arrived.

The kissing and the caressing was never so deep, until he entered me our hearts molded and it became complete. A pack between just us two. Destined for more, as the sunset and the night skies settled between us; I lay in the middle of my bed looking up and exhaling a heartfelt thank you.

Thank you for sending me someone whose inclined to want to delve the depths of self with me. Thank you for allowing me to free my mind from the sorrows of bittersweet and transient moments that were all temporary in passing. 

As he deepened his connection to mine, I opened my eyes and allowed myself to see it all. His mouth to my breast, his movement inside me, his tender caresses on the side of me. My legs encircled his waist, my heart and his heart skipped several beats, but never missed a connective rhythm. Each hip thrust met with a moan. Each mouthed moan swallowed by a deepened kiss.

Having recorded the up and down's of my relationships, to then have a sense of grounded resolve when entering the dating phases of my life; I am presently Thankful! With each intricate and delicate detail I am sharing a piece of my memory, forever blazoned in a burgeoning heart. A memory of not letting my past become a predictor for me, and not allowing my future to continue to further itself on uncharted seas. 

I surrender. 


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