Comfort Zone

A balance of energy will allow you to settle. The feeling of being a mixed bowl of uncontrollable emotions can get to you, but what allows you to be calm and absolutely in a relaxed and restive state is adhering to your inner self. When you realize that a rush for answers in demanding tones and in an uncharacterirstically way isn't what's needed, then you are left to once again tackle this situation. If I couldn't reslove your slight or hurt I would wonder If I couldn't discern between what was making you upset or bothered in a way I would wonder If I couldn't hear an answer as to why you are experiencing and going through some things then I would still wonder It's in the not knowing that gets me. When its noticable and reflective it becomes stifiling. At times you simply just want the person to blirt everything out, but then again you are being validated and acknowledge, what about their impending issue? A learning lesson towards myself is within allowing the depths of silence and wonderment to run hand in hand, and not worrying about whether I could or can make you happy once again, but my focus would be on detachment and non personlization. Yes it can be difficult to take yourself from out of the situation and simply wait a response, or gradually allow the individual in question to come around to you when ready. What I am learning once again is that not everything requires an answer. Not every slight is meant to deeply sink within the depths of your soul, so as to drown you within someone else's sorrow. It's an emotion, and it will soon pass, but being a solid figure and listening ear is always needed. Sigh


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