It's within the CHEMISTRY that we question it ALL.

Chemistry can be a connecting factor and a force to reckon with. Chemistry can also be a determining factor in regards to the next steps you wish to pursue with your selected lover. I have found that with my previous to present relationships chemistry has been a major factor resulting in several outcomes. Some of the outcomes resulted in shorter relationships, and other outcomes resulted in the string along effect. This effect occurs when there is no clear concise guidelines and sense of direction within your relationship. At times the string along affect went hand and hand with chemistry, because there was only that slight pull that kept the relationship current and existent. So I ask myself on this date, what it means to have chemistry and a deepened connection. What does it mean to be vulnerable and imperfectly perfect with your significant other? I can’t rely on my past and previous experiences to afford me the answers I have been long awaiting, but what I can do is look to my present and allow my thoughts and reactions to an action become filtered into my chemistry stream of love and more, and demand a deepened experience from myself and significant other. I am looking at chemistry entirely different now, as I am looking at my relationships and the quality over quantity experience. At times I want to simply have at it, and just not think about anything further then what's to be “expected”, but then the connecting force of that good ole chemistry allows me to experience a revolving of so many emotions and feelings, that I am unable to simply see things in a one sided kind of way. So at this very moment I am putting together the pieces of desire, lust and new found interest to passion, like/love and a mutual ecstasy that allows my mind to venture further for more.


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