Innocence is bliss…

I decided to look at you, and when I looked at you I really looked at you. I looked within in you, and as you spoke to me everything seemed to become clearer. The fear is a self-imposed slum created by myself. Within this fear I am left to venture on my own. I can’t tell you how many times I have allowed this fear to simply swallow an experience. An experience that needed time to grow and space to pace itself out, but no…I simply didn’t want to allow anything to seep within to nurture, develop and grow; I rushed light speed into lust without ever knowing love, and as I look back on the time spent rekindling nothingness I am left in a stilled silence. That was then… Currently, the fear and doubt exist still, but I don’t allow them to outweigh my passion for more. My love for the shared continuation of two lives drawn in unison to fall lovingly together through in-depth experiences carries my soul.


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