Reality of it all

Having been afforded the opportunity to travel aboard for the last two weeks of my 2012 Summer has not only opened my eyes and broadened my horizons, but I have been able to see the compassion and genuine spirits of others that has touched and opened my heart to much more. The more that I am talking about is the more a human spirit offers another in kindness and sincerity. The more I am talking about escapes general expectations and wants after the initial questioning or presenting of a favor or a desire to experience something. What is then put in place is the honest and openness of compassion, care and consideration for one another that ties into my long term wants ideals, needs and goals.

We will always desire to seek another who will fill us up completely and take us away. We will fall in love and romanticize with figments of our imaginations that have left us completely in want of more. Seducing our minds is an easy task, but prepping and placing promising and completed intimate details as intricate as possible is not easily experienced. Limiting your mind and self to what you assume to be the only thing that stirs you right then and there becomes the death of you.

Like the Phoenix your travels and destinations and detours will all tie into your long term ideals and wants. With death and acceptance of past behaviors comes the entrance of newly found and easily adjusted likes and desires which birth passion and a rise of self.

In this time away I took advantage of not wanting you. I took advantage of cleansing myself and soul of your memory and it felt damned good. I looked into my uncharted destiny and future and welcomed changes and transitions. Coming from someone who deems themselves all over the place and an emotional ball of change and transition on the daily. I finally felt consistently free and a sense of a start of emotional stability. How freeing a new destination sets the stage and tone for one’s mind.


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