Falling into HIM.......

Weighing the past into an entwined future I believe I have come across him. Looking at life through out it’s up and downs I have found that my journey continues to wind onto a road of untested and uncharted roads. Beginning anew again a road that I venture towards.

I have pretty much written about the downward spirals of romance that have affected my life physically, mentally and personally. The doubt, mishaps and hurts, just to think it was continuously lived out day in and day out of my life. What has happened and occurred now? Well I am allowing life’s lesson to mold and guide me to a sense of an erected destination of peace, contentment and love.

We will never know how much we mean to an individual until we inquire and request an in depth analysis about ourselves from their very own eyes. Perspectives allow us to gain a sense of self from outside of ourselves, and to this visual we learn just exactly how people see us especially the ones who love us.

So, I have seen myself from his eyes. He captured my imperfectly perfect ways in the best of manners. Embracing my essence in the dancing New York City nights. I loved it and him……could it be?

Letting the sorrow down unto my dancing soul no longer devour my present passion and love.


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