Nothing like you.....Can't settle.

I wonder what more could I do for you to simply see my emotional state and feelings in regards to you? I wonder if I needed to photograph another appealing image, sealing my pictured self to you. I wonder how many times and moments, in which, I would have to settle for my less than desired male interest, because I am in need of filling my emotional voids in absence of you. I tire of them, when in fact all I want and need is you. From their kisses to cold touches my body mechanically responds, but with you I instantly bloom and become dewy and warm and filled of sweet and erotic honey. Yes, with you and your gentle to erotically rough touches my body and mind instantly connect and remain at full ease and attention, because of you.

The mixture of ones masculine and sexually permeated pheromone enhanced smells of a small-enclosed room stirs me to my most peaked arousal state. There is nothing like your sweat and cologne and the sweet taste of your aroused skin I quickly lean into taste touch and mold into my very own need(s).

Second and third best is never an option. To exist just to exist is never an option. No amount of kisses, caresses and body eroticism designed to engage my attention to them and their defining moment, but my mind and body are held at attention and not to their allegiance, but awaiting and wanting you.

I will wait. I can wait. In fact I don’t mind finding pleasure within myself rather than seeking out another, because in the end all that matters is you pressing into and onto me. Guiding my hands to your handsomely dimpled face to chinky eyes and sexy beard. The rustle of your chin hairs onto my skins brings fourth goose bumps. You stir me.

Why is this I question and ask? Attempting to forget you has paralyzed my progressive forwardness. Why is this again I ask? So do I only dream of you, or entertain you in the only limited capacity I have held and had you in? How can I survive this and in such doses?

The dilemma of the sexualized body and mind fixated on one who can only be held and had in situational occurrences. Such temptations and likelihood is best left alone, but to this I answer No. Can’t live with or without you. For this is truth. 


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