Time and Space and that IN BETWEEN love.

That underlying passion remains with us with you and within me. I realized just how deep my love and passion as well as desire’s are for you. All I can say is that the smell of newly interested eyes on my prize has left me. Literally you have my eyes wide open, knees knotted at the middle and in anticipation of your entry stance only.

Your smell and scent remains as an intoxicant for me. I become heady and high off of you and only you. When others attempt to impede on my grounded solace, all it takes is a call, text or link up with you. In your presence I ease in cat stance and await your fingers to glide down my back to my lower back to my all the way back.

Last night was experienced like no other. I think we not only bonded more, but I trusted you and you trusted me and we embarked on a lovers nest entwined with erotic riddum’s of past and present. My muscles eased and relaxed under your weight and stone like stance. I beckoned you deeper and closer inside of me. We fit, we meshed, and we molded and lost all control. Spent and energy easily taken from us. At that very moment your being and our intimacy mattered the most to me.

Each time I have my AHA moment it appears to occur when something physically is upset within my deeps depths of my soul’s existence. Last night I realized the significance of needing and wanting and desiring a true encounter. Not allowing passion and lust to overrule one’s souls dance with their soul lover.

Time has balanced and parted us, but we have remained as so. I ask why that is so, many times, but this time I don’t ask. I don’t even wonder. I just seek the passion and pleasure you provided me. This wasn’t a limited experienced, it was a lasting impression of our souls kissing and connecting. As I looked at you behind me, placing yourself and girth on top and within me, our eyes connected, our blood began to heat further on up. As our hearts raised and eyes glided over our sweating bodies, I continued to stare at you. The man whom I love instead of mouthing it, I released it as an erotic declaration and calling of my body unto yours. “Fuck me harder”.


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