Content in you "Our" world.

How can you skate through a relationship without even acknowledging it's existence? Passing by a stranger in the street there is of course no formal connection, but passing by your lover, the one you idolize in your most passionate and dearest way; how could that be and how could that even occur? So I sit here thinking about our time we experienced. I think about the jist of the arguments and the moments in time when we go a week or two weeks without even speaking to one another. The build up before the pressure center erupts can all be centered to our issue at hand. The connection, the love, the relationship skirmish by dodging the reality of it all....We love each other. We would not mind being with each other and experiencing one another, but leaving the relationship, experiencing the break up's and perhaps becoming estranged is too unbearable. So we choose to be safe and enjoy our life and experiences amongst ourseleves, but with no definitive ties.

In my most current now I really love and enjoy you. In my most current now I really appreciate the fact that our relationship continues to shed light on a lot of emotions and feelings I am currently battling with. In my most current now, I appreciate the fact that I have to allow life to settle, emotions to play their parts and for love to prevail and our reality to resume it's position and place in our life.

I am learning to embrace love.
I am learning to embrace the reality of having a relationship.
I am learning to fail in love.
I am learning to truly be in the moment, and not in the flow of love.
I am trusting.
I have faith.
I will allow you in.


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