Finding the illusive reasoning behind it all...

Time and space and no thought in between pushed me into a phase of my life that I pretty much centered on absolute nothingness. Within the nothingness I convinced myself on experiencing the physicalities, delicacies and intimacy of a shared human bond and connection. No reslove, no guarantees and no expectations became my mission statement. I envied truth and denied life.

In growth and acceptance:

So I have come to the conclusion on this illusive situation and learning how to find that illusive self and verify ME. It's not an easy task, but it's no longer a visual impairment or something that I can continue to underline as to why I am experiencing these life occurrences. No longer in denial and openly validating each and every moment and experience and passing time, I have found the reasoning...

The calm after the storm:

Life has been a passionate extreme from one passing rainstorm to another thunderous tornado to lastly a hurricane which revealed a tsunami rythmic wave of changes inward. I am slowly coming into my transitions and learning to embrace the silence and enjoy the space I had previously filled tempoairly with romantic toxins unknown to my senses at the time, but now I know and have cleansed my soul and the emotional imprint left. We are all not prone from revisiting former feelings, moments and time(s) in our lives; however, we must realize when to singularly bow out of a situation and call attention to the stillness and blissfully welcomed silence.


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