Look no further

The best love is characterized as self love. Did you know that? who best and better to experience, please, make amends to ensure the overall quality of an experience and satisifactory experience than you?
Reading this sentence over and over to myself, my reality began to settle in. What I looked for in others I never valued or appreciated in myself.

Not awaiting the start of the New Year 2013 to begin the work that is placed before me. Positive reflections are to be captured and taken care of.

The reflection of "Self"
  • SELFLove
  • SELFGudiance
  • SELFPassion
  • SELFTaught

These four words have been my totem for the week, which will lead into my month. New avenues and directions and thoughts on what it means to look outside, when what's on the inside isn't reflecting what you are searching for. If I want what I am not, then I have no satisfactory needs, but if I want what I currently am to compliment me, then I will need to exude all of the above.

No entries about looked for, longed for and lost for love. No thoughts about previous experiences and expectations, for the sky in the lover's realm remains unlimited.


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