Impulsive...but Centered on the BIGGER picture.

To have an impulse is to have a bump in the endorphin system. The connective pieces that make up me and embody me as a whole is having earth quake-like sensations.

I can only gather the following reasons and information as to why I am feeling all of these sensations and more…As of recently I have learned valuable life lessons on letting people, places and things go. In this instance I let go people and things , however, I will never relinquish my love and memory for a particular place. Nostalgia in my travels is what propels me forward and further on my adventurous travels, but what I allowed to finally cease to exist within my elements was former dreams and those whom I dreamed them with.

So in response to letting the people who affected my life in the mental and physical realm only, never touching the spiritual essence of my centered needs and overall relationship desires and wants…my impulses appeared to have not ceased to exist as well.

When something dissolves and you finally relinquish control over it, you would assume that everything that ceased to exist with it went away, but my impulses and passions and desires never was fanned away with the transient flames. My desire to be intimately connected to my interest at the time greets me when I lay down to sleep. In my dreams I can sense and smell him. Each touch and sensation that overcomes me is echoed deeply and rhythmically inside of me. My womanly walls echo his manly imprint deep down inside of me.

So as I wake I have this explained energy in need of its erotic death. With that said, I awake and wonder endlessly at the changes that have been and what I am becoming, a stronger woman with a restless soul in need of an EX-orcism. 


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