The Reality is...Close out to the 2012 Year

Looking back at the many moments and experiences I have been fortunate enough to go through, learn from and receive my message from; I can honestly say I am happy for each and every lesson and life point. I am not even hurt or stirred to the point of exhaustion by recapturing each moment, be it pleasant or hurtful. I have come to terms with those moments in my 2012 year and I am comfortable in providing the needed closure. I am ready to rewrite my story and claim it.


1.     Forgiveness:
The Oxford English Dictionary defines forgiveness as 'to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt'.”
I forgive myself. I was very hard and critical about my expectations and outcomes in my romantic life and dealings with romantic partners. I struggled to make the relationship soar to heights that it was never meant to dwell in. Suffering ensued and so my assumptions about relationships and learning to develop passionate and romantic feelings never took off. I did not trust or believe.

I forgive my lover for the experiences we did not share for one another. Unhealthy, unrealistic and absolutely no room for growth, TRANSITION and development; there was never a relationship to be had from these experiences. Two broken hearts looking for love with no expectations or any direct and distinct explanation of where we were going. Just existing was satisfactory enough to me, and all I thought I needed. My mind starved, my heart divided and my body could no longer take this experience anymore.
In order for me to forgive past digressions within my previous relationships, I needed to hate the person enough to finally let them go. For some reason I held on to you and the nonexistent us, because I thought it felt good, but all I felt was sadness for you and for myself, but in these feelings I became emotionally stunted and spiritually stagnant and knew that there was a better way than this, and in this I found forgiveness and forgive US.



2.     Telling the absolute truth
a.     Regardless of how I assume others will receive me (Partnerships, friendships. Etc)
b.     Stating the facts
c.      Speaking the truth
d.     Asking for what I want
e.     Not accepting any less

It becomes harder each and every time to reveal you most inner and intimate self when you yourself can’t even identify or stand by what you are projecting. If we aren’t comfortable within our own body, then how are we supposed to create stable, meaningful relationships based on truth, communication and honest love?


My name is Robyne and I am a writer, telling my story from the light taps of my keyboard to the online universe at large. Emotionally driven and determined to express and experience my best life yet, I am coming to terms with my life and making amends to rewrite wrongs and make a better life for myself. Emotionally enriched and spiritually uplifted.

a.     Shrewd
b.     No one understands me
c.      Difficult to love
d.     Emotionally indifferent

a.     Courageous
b.     Determined to tell the truth, live my best life yet
c.      Fortunate, emotionally present and happy
d.     Loving, passionate, emotionally available

I put out in the universe that I could never experience the ideal relationship ever because of what I had believed it didn’t exist and was almost fairytale. When selecting partners I began attracting what in essence was I was putting out in the universe. The attributes listed in the past section above could relate to each partner I had experienced on many levels. Intimate, platonic, semi-interested and so on. Endlessly the list began to grow and my mind and body tired of these emotional disconnections. I wanted to work with my partner and be able to transition into a relationship. Rather than face many issues and outcomes that left me literally lost for love and it’s essence…

What I know to be true is I had created this image of being this strong woman who was impenetrable. I had sustained myself thus far without the inconvenience of a man. I have avoided the errors of failed marriages and single mother hood, or so I had assumed. Thinking I was protecting my heart from failure literally opened the door to casualness and no expectations? The fear of being hurt was so prevalent I simply accepted anything other than the truth. I didn’t even see the turmoil my life and romantic life had become.
Knowing that I could no longer block my own feelings to suit the needs of another. I began making those changes!

I have literally become self-absorbed with feelings, and myself, which have allowed me to rekindle my very own relationship with myself. Broken hearted no more or accepting of just anything, I have found peace. I love myself and I love the person who I have become and gradually am growing into. I believe in me.

ACCEPTING AND RESPONDING to my life situations.

The reality of this blog entry was finally rewriting my story. Finally making amends to tell just exactly what I have been experiencing and going through, but the difference this time I am not living in the past. I am presently accepting my fate and making waves each and everyday.  I created my vision of success, now it’s time to continue to steadily walk the pathway to complete happiness.

2012 has afforded me the opportunity to live my best life and I am encouraged to continue the uphill movement that will no longer be a battle, but each moment a breakthrough. The closer I am to the source the constant and consistently complete I become.

‘There is no sin in failing, but the sin is in never trying”


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