Friendship two way?

Closing out old chapters and welcoming in new interests and insight I decided that the best practice to enact is the act of forgiveness. The act to gather yourself and move forward, but as you are excelling forward you are already at such heights that coming back down no longer presents itself as an option.

You ever have a friend that became more than a friend to you? A friend who you could enjoy the friendship, alongside pseudo moments of a budding relationship? A friendship that really never had those clearly defined rules of engagement. A friendship that perhaps there was something there be it chemistry, be it excitement and everything that centered on a potential relationship, but the friendship just remained. Along these lines we have mutually made decisions and mistakes that continued to build the nonexistent relationship and uniquely defined friendship.

As time went by everything became blurry. The clearly undefined lines wanted to be recognized. These lines that permeated all types of passions, happenings and unrealistic wants and needs desired definitions. A friendship no longer wanted to be singular, but plural in regards to a joined relationship. I wanted to be WE and no longer US.

The effort we put into going out for the evening which spun into a romantic filled and passionate night lasted for just about 6 hours. The effort and time it takes to gather the energy to enjoy these moments would never propel our relationship any further. I clearly began to see that one heart beat for two.

Cutting you out of my life for a temporary reprieve allowed me to really gather my strength and know just exactly what I want and how I wanted it to be presented to me. Allowing a glimpse of you back into my life showed me just how much you valued our distance and space, and it led me back to where I needed to be…



  1. I used to think walking away was a gift. A hidden talent, if I may be so bold. I was wrong. Though there is power in moving on, the fact that someone will come after you, simply because they care says and means so much more... Thought I have yet to experience that. Seems in my case, it is always one sided.


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