Life Residuals

I awoke thinking perhaps I should dive right into love. I should simply take my cares to the world and shower myself with limitless love. Glistening passions and intensified moments that all comply into one identifiable experience. I shouldn't overwhelm myself with what could be, I should simply allow what will be to occur. As a constant thinker it becomes increasingly hard to just relax my mind and allow my body to naturally be led towards YOU. There are definite stops along my way of finding YOU, and there are definite pauses in discovering these renewed feelings within me. I can define these feelings and apply them to a thought set and life mode or perhaps even pattern, but I don't want to. I don't want to know...I don't want to think any additionally or further... After all of these years of writing my relationships out I have yet wrote an entry that absolutely showed my reslove with wanting to allow life to simply exist as is with no excuses and exceptions or the dreaded pull of self created pressures. The pressures in life that we create in order to flow effortlessly through these assumed "problems" only create more restrictions and issues, so with that being said I have lifted the veil that constricts me... When speaking to a great friend, she tired of the walls we create as women in regards to meeting new interests. In courtship, everything previously experienced no longer holds our interest or create residuals in our life. The ability to move forward and think new thoughts. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE


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