The heart speaks

Whatever it takes to sustain yourself and your specific interest in someone you will continue to do any and everything to maintain your courtship. In depth and in knowing someone so deeply the intimacy can never be denied. There is nothing that we wont do in the name of knowing...

My weekend consisted of a series of intimate thoughts, and not just simplistic wants and needs and desires that could be met; but they consisted of learning to be vulnerable, and no longer battling with WORDs and their individual meanings and impressions within my life. I have learned that being vulnerable doesn't make me weak. Being vulnerable does not allow me to see myself as a secondary option within someone else's life, because I am fearful of letting them go. Being vulnerable does not cloud my judgement or glaze my eyes.

Being Vulnerable allows me to explore the depths of my emotions without feeling as if they will be a burden to another if recognized and asked about them. Being vulnerable allows me to exist within myself comfortably so, allowing me to be.

I embraced this word and it no longer holds me hostage within my thoughts. A breaking of a self silence of so many years of holding back and holding a lot within. To maintain an exterior of a warrior for so long has not allowed any emotional energy to seep in, but ever so often the rains (life tears) continue to create a rust and dents within my armor. My shield and guards have dampened and I am simply left openly and willingly so, but within the disappearance of my wall there is no weakness...

I can be at one within myself
I can openly explore the world before me
I can be vulnerable with NO FEAR


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