How to settle an open heart in a world of mixed emotions...

Some days I am hot and other days I am cold. Some nights I jump proudly into my bed and roll around as if the world is all mine, and other nights I huddle in between the sheets and look at the bare ceiling wondering why there is a little indent on the right side of my ceiling and yet the left side lay smoothly.

My heart has healed and my mind lay open to all types of romantic interceptions, but yet I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. I await my dream life and chase my reality in a sleeping state. Within my sleep I lay witness to everything that I could have possibly done to not receive your love and affections. As I awake I answer your call with trepidation, but also with a stillness within my heart that has allowed me to receive you fully. How can this be when our life situation is iffy at best with a chance of complication...

In my distance my soul silenced itself to you. I attempted to cut all ties and leave life as simply as could be, and within my simplicity I found my answers. There is nothing that I could absolutely do to unbind a naturalistic love, a love that was charted before our very own conception. A love that has no barriers and is real. A love that is just a difficult and challenging as most. A true love.

So today I am luke warm and I look across the table at my best friend as she snaps my picture. We have exchanged our hearts information about the one's that has captivated our mind, hearts and time. The ones who may have gotten away, but slowly crept back into pour thought rotation, however, this time we stand at the doorway with the door closed looking through the peephole just thinking "Is this meant to be?"


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