A Healthy love: Mind body and Spirit in unison. What once mattered no longer imprints. What does matter evolves and lives on!

I am on a Journey…and on my pathway I have encountered life situations that have tempted me, discouraged me, pleased me and left me doubting me, but in the end I have allowed faith and my life to simply fall accordingly. Each moment is to be experienced, but it’s what we understand and take from the experience that define US. When I like someone I become so involved within the relationship, that I forgot the main element of surprise…continuing to know and love thy self.

This is a personal admission that hunted me in several relationships, and it’s something that had become almost a natural experience for me. When you lose since of self and control over your own emotions you look toward others and their own individual life plight as your very own, no longer living vicariously through a person’s experience, but allowing it to define and mirror your very own. It becomes very difficult to rid yourself of these feelings, but when you step outside of yourself and take a hard felt and objective look you slowly begin to regain the pieces of self. Whatever relationship error you previously made or participated in no longer deeply weighs on your shoulders. You have accepted each relationship in passing as temporary. You have reconciled with your heart and found that it beats for you, because it loves you and wants you to continue on, and so you begin to redefine your image and individual journey.

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Something stated so simply, but yet resonating so deeply within our souls is our very own ability to realize what is ideal for us when dating and pursuing long term passionate relationships. It’s important to pay attention to your individual wants and have the ability to definitely not settle yourself to just any form of interest, passion, lust and love. Being aware of your emotional self and individual needs affords you the ability to become a love master, and judge every opportunity based on where your heart, life and long term goals are willing to expand to. Within our search for love we look for an equal love almost fairy tale like, we tend to overlook common factors when dating and relating and finding love. Yes, we do lean towards pure unadulterated emotions, basic chemistry connections and likeminded interests as being the ultimate relationship consummator, however, having a healthy and developing love and taking our time to rediscover our independent interests and desire affords us the ability to explore our partner and relationship of choice rather than rushing and jumping on the love roller coaster. So when you feel the telling signs of unease and discomfort within your relationship, or when the rose tinted shades begin to clear and your vision is no longer tinted by raw emotions you then know when to take a humbling bow and thank your former flame for the relationship experience that allowed you to examine and define your love style. You welcome change and a transitioning experience openly and honestly, and you look forward to a developing and deserving love.

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When I realized that someone else’s love does not complete you, but it only compliments your own individual love for yourself a major emotional waved has shifted within me. I have learned that another person’s love compliments you but doesn’t complete you. A shared experience and path can be ventured together, but in the end your dreams and life path walked will only be ventured by you. So when you can coexist in a relationship without a need for any outside you realize what truly completes you. A new found respect for your lover’s way in life and within their own individual world promotes a healthy and respectful relationship with yourself and within your relationship.
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Developing a new found respect for gym activities and Pinterest body sculpting pins; working towards creating a healthier mindset and fitness goals has afforded me peace and relaxation all around. When you promote a satisfying and healthy self, you attract just exactly what you want and need. Your experience within creating a healthy relationship with yourself determine your motivations with relationships with everyone else, and if they will serve you and your own goals. Rest and relaxation and finding time to vacation or simply get away from your everyday norms allows you to regenerate, recollect and promote an experience within that can never be matched by anything or anyone.
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When we rush relationships we fall in all types of trouble within our heart, within ourselves and within our love path chosen. We question everything due to not taking the time to create clear communication with our partner. We openly communicate and display a love that we know we are deserving of when we take the time to build love. Things do happen in life, coincidences occur, de ja vu and visionary dreams do come to fruition, but in order to experience it and expect more from a life snippet we must water it, and when we water it we must be willing to openly grow it through the good and bad times of development. Knowing your intentions and your lovers intentions and continuing to blossom on from there allows patience and persistence to be magnetic and worthwhile.

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