What I know and What I Welcome...

Solace to my soul and wisdom to my mind and peace within my heart…

I am comfortable in predictable chaos. I am content with not knowing entirely where I stand. I have only looked into temporary needs, and filled myself to the brim never allowing my emotions to flow over. It’s an almost organized downhill descent to absolutely nowhere but an oppressed heart and shut down mind…and as I awake from this emotional nightmare I realize that it has passed me but yet hovers in the distance of doubt. What could I possibly fear?

I have been through personal transformations that resembled being upended and having had the rug removed from under my feet, to walking blindly into a situation with faith and belief that all will work wonderfully well. I had no doubt then, but yet presently I continue to close the door on experiencing a wholesome and uncontested love.

 As I close out several chapters to those that have entered and easily exited, I am seeing that what really matters is not the chaos, but the stillness when I am in peace. The presence of those who really matter, the presence of someone taking the time to invest in you and seek to explore, experience and encourage the drive that pushes you forward.

Allowing the THREE E’s to take a hold of me, who and what could possibly fail me now…


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