I am compelled to stop blogging at times...just when I think I have mastered what it means to follow and find that love I have always desired I soon then begin to allow the life strings to untangle themselves one by one. Slowly I am drawn back into the endless pool of failed relationships, unhappy happenings and decision when making my best attempt at securing my ideal partnership to lastly. We are all looking to capture that moment when we can look across to our chosen beau's reflection without questioning eyes.

It is within my stare that I boldly know that there can be no more, although I may drum up a not to distant memory of you and me I soon begin to fall oddly back in like, but then my interest wavers and my time wanting to get to know you and figure you out a little more dissolves almost instantly.

If I simply absently wrote to you (the one my soul calls to) would there be a response back? Would you seek me out and humbly answer my relentless messages to the universe...

Ah....I beg your pardon.

As the days trickle into the night and the sleep washes over me I remain hopeful as to one day opening my eyes and resting them directly on you.

For in each dream I kiss you good night. 


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