Summer Thoughts - I dreamed of today and it's present moment.

I resisted the urge to dredge up memories from yesterday in this present moment. Although in the back of my mind I was thinking about bring up my many life plights with you, but I didn’t. I allowed the moment to happen and when it happened everything I ever wanted to experience with you came at an ease and as natural as possible.

Something I continue to learn is about the art of being in the moment and being absolutely still within the moment to realize that what is before me is everything I will ever want and need. I spend too much time looking at past mistakes, and marking out what my future could possibly look like if only I avoid certain places, people and things. When we are so engulfed in the future from past slights and hurts absolutely forget what is in front of us. Today I didn’t forget, I absolutely indulged myself in the moment of his existence. I drowned in his physical self and imprinted his body to mine.

Our eyes connected and it’s as if we read each other’s minds. Within the stillness I saw peace, hope and a lifetime of an unselfish love.

I am happily content when I fear nothing, I don’t wonder too much and I long to maintain the moments. My moment with you encompassed so much emotional feelings and fears of simply being myself that I did not allow anything to change it. I allowed my temperament to be determined by the mood, and as the mood was set I basked in it.

Celebrating 33 years of life has brought me joyous faith and the belief in all that is unseen.

The long term…


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