No Ordinary Love: Whats to be expected is to be DROPPED!

The mold is breaking and I am choosing.

I have decided to give love unconditionally, but this time as I am giving the love I am no longer counting the paces of love given, but I am allowing to trust that everything I do is received with satisfaction and is given not to prove myself to the desired lover, but to show my lover I am aware of him. He matters within my present moment, and although time can be pressing and not afford us a lot of opportunities I am going to maximize this moment forever.

I offered to give the gift of relaxation. The gift of a shower allowing the beaded warm water to slide Longley down his body, a shower that would provide a skin scrub so lavish that it would allow for him to soak his senses and soul in the calming smells of patchouli, lavender and sweetened vanilla. He would allow me to stroke his back and allow his face to fall limply forward, slumping his shoulders and allowing his arms to dangle loosely at his sides. His knees wouldn’t buckle, but relax and allow him to bare the weight of his bodies longed for relaxed state.

My hands would slide longingly down his shoulders to his back and then hardened sides and hug him deeply from behind holding my hands tightly to his well-defined chest. A body of an Adonis whose mythical creation could only be tamed by me…that moment where my breasts kissed his back and my deepened embrace on him held us in the midst of our connection so riveting and true.

We no longer worried about time and it’s constraints. The following day and the duties of the day no longer worried us. Time stopped ticking. Our eyes closed and he lifted his head from the once relaxed state to then embrace my arms and turn around to face me. I looked into his eyes and searched for the missing moments and answers of a yesteryear long gone between us.

I have found love, and within the un-characteristically moment of my life and my lovers life, but yet we exist.


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