I feel...I think...I live.

Everyday is a moment to amend an error, salve the battered ego and bruised soul and dare to believe that a new day holds the answers to a forgotten yesterday and the promise of the unknown tomorrow.

I have hope...

Love comes and goes from it's highest peak to then soar at it's lowest low in the imagined emotional slights our dented ego's bring into view whenever we are at a loss for words and dealing with a ruffled heart.

I dare to dream...

Each time I look into the new few moments of an undefined time, I slowly unwind my emotional needs on making an outcome occur and allow myself to simply exist and roll within the seconds that turn into minutes.

I would like to look back, but I wont stay there...

I dreamed of him, and in my dream we were experiencing the day as if it was routine. I imagined the what if's of an unknown relationship that was barely defined and mostly imagined on both my part and his part, but yet again I unraveled my souls toes from the sand like memory and slowly started to pull away. I have learned that memories are teaching tools, meant to flash before my eyes with no attempts at remaining in my mind and a stain on my heart...I let it go.

I find strength in the ability to simply allow him to exist...

He will never be a distant dream of mine. I realized that I only show him part of me, because half of me feels safe being one foot in, and the other half of me is ready to run all the way out. Partially scathed and bathed by the disappointment and heart burns of a love struck being; but yet I want to go entirely head first in with a sloppy nose dive that sends the water and foam of the pool in all directions upon my entry. I am allowing him to matter and become more of a need rather than want...and my fear slowly subsides.

Yoga is allowing me to see the deeper picture...

With each move I mold within the mat into an insurmountable mountain.


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