I welcome his loving embrace. I welcome his unconditioned love. I dare give my day and nights to him. The love created liberated me. The love resolved within my heart has settled deeply into my soul, affording me comfort in my new role within our lives. I have adjusted to the sways of a best friend, a lover, a caretaker and home maker in preparation of furtherance of us. I delved into the recess of my heart and invoked forgiven passion befallen on me. I no longer looked at my past as betrayal ridden and stolen moments of misrepresented passion.

There was always hope. My now was never a figment of my imagination. I have triumphed over dreams that made no sense to me until now. I am stepping forward and daring to dream. I believe that our connection and roles in one another lives was meant to be, and so I am being. I am existing. We are living and cultivating our distinct lives in unison. We no longer fear or doubt others, we embrace our roles and willingly walk towards our destinations arms extended, hands clasped and with love.

I thank you.

For my now has never felt so amazing and so real and right on time as it does now. My now has opened before me and has centered me and I am so ready to receive it. There is nothing that love hasn't healed within me. I walk with my eyes closed knowing that I am guided to everything I need and am needed for.

My soul has centered and found my twin flame. The lover that has centered me, guided me to visualize my feminine beauty and aspects on renewing and creating life. My lover has invoked the marital spirit within me; the spirit that journeys with her husband through his trials and tribulations, encourages his success and hugs him within defeat. My lover has enclosed me in a protective embrace, calming any fears and unwelcome ones into our lovers bubble. My lover has saved me and renewed my faith in the human spirit and connection of this thing called life.

I thank you.


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