Let me in..............................

Let me quench my thirst……………………

I was on your mind. I was on your mind. I would like to run that through my mind on and on again. I would LOVE to spell that out, write it all over the hallway and bathroom walls, go on the public record and state “Baby, I was on your mind”. Like water to a thirsty man…..Baby I was on your mind. Damn that felt good to hear and expel. The moment presented itself and it went very well. I am fortunate to have experienced that moment with you, for I knew you could have easily dismissed and forgotten me. You was too caught up with not feeling and caring to want to admit and express it. Why wait until now to relay this information to me? What I wanted once which was fast, I want to drink it slow. I want to allow the water to seep through my mouth to the back of my tongue, all the way down my throat and dribble all through out my body. I want to experience the sensation of knowing what I am getting, and each drink and swallow I experience and taste all of you. I don’t want to ever let loose and let go. I want to continue to intoxicate myself on your sweet juices. I am physically, mentally and sexually spent just drinking from you, imagine just exactly a full body, intimate, mind blowing experience would do….to me, to you, for me, for you. “Baby, I was on your mind”


So life has a funny way of presenting itself; so I am thinking (as always) that perhaps my new phase in life is meant to enable me to be able to handle life occurring at different paces, and getting to know and understand all and everyone who is meant to experience life with me. However, I am getting a kick out of life, for you see life has not been overly kind to me. Life has allowed me to see the negatives, rather than feast from the positives; however, I have risen from all of life’s strife’s and misfortunes. I am blessed to have the ability to intuit life from many angles and perspectives. So this opportunity that is before me presents itself like this: I have the opportunity to watch and allow my feelings to brew and grow. Feelings that are normally inferno level of desire. Feelings that are and will always present themselves forward, because I am an emotional being. I live from my feelings. They awake and arouse me, they entrance and enthrall me, they allow me to see who you are and will be to me. They gather me up and fight for me, however, at times these feelings engulf and control and get the best of me, but I fight…..and transition on. So this choice and opportunity that has presented itself is getting to know you. Develop a me and you and not depend only on what I initially feel, for what I feel is to be true, then me and you will succeed as two. So I am using logic and then my heart. So with you I will keep the balance. I will keep the faith and hope that we can develop into a me and you. I am thoughtful and mindful that we will come together. I feel you. I dreamed of you, while lying next to you. You said to me “I love you”, and then I knew.

Taking a step and a stride……….

Walking the walk and the easy talk all in all has never and will never be for me, but making sense of the nights and days and the times and places and people in my life, we I am grateful and thankful to be afforded the many experiences and opportunities. Coming to you with a free and clear heart, mind and soul. If you ask me I’m ready.

Lesson Fourteen: Invite ME IN!
Life is meant to walk through your front doors!!! Let HER in! Although life presents itself in many factors, never give up hope that one day, just that one day life will align with all, and with all you will feel and be completed. I love life.


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