Ushering in the New Year, I welcome you 2012

I welcome in 2012 with many hope and dreams. I welcome 2012
Dear 2012,
You have started off amazingly refreshing and riveting for my soul. You have provided me with many outlets and avenues to continue to keep myself afloat, and also, motivated to continue to strive for my individual needs. My goals are attainable and within my sight. I feel entirely like a new woman. I continually say every year how I will change and transition things, but I seem to fall into that painstakingly New Year’s resolutions failed attempts……..but this year I have something motivating me beyond my earthly rotations. I have my faith and my passions, my family and my close knit friends, and also, my individual desires to make all my dreams, hopes and goals to come true. Also I am experiencing maturity at large!!!! I am growing individually each day, and having the ability to recognize growth points and milestones continue to push me forward, to not only continue to experience these feelings and emotions, but to genuinely go through the up’s and down’s without fear! Facing uncomfortable situations, and knowing that all that starts well may not necessarily end as expected, but sometimes life gives us what we need, but not exactly how we envisioned. We just have to just continue to work towards our own goals, and live out life as successfully and self-fulfilling as possible!!
Goodbye 2011,
How do I close off a disappointing romantic relationship year of attempts? Hmmmm…..let’s see….I can start by saying that I have become more concerned with my individual needs and wants. I have become honest with myself. Yes I care for many, but I love and have loved far and few. Yes I have even rushed and pretended emotional attachments and that emotional connection, but as soon as it started it instantly fizzled, and who else to blame but self for allowing such BS to continue to go on in my life, but I have come to many terms with myself and I have realized that an old age adage of only the truth can set you free…….So it shall and it has. I have decided to not entertain anyone who’s not interested in the type of relationship I would hope to have and will achieve. This relationship I envision, will allow myself and my partner to be honest with each other. Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotional and threw out the up’s and down’s openness that I have lacked in the majority if not all of my relationships. Communication and comfort is the key for me, and it’s something I hope to achieve within my next relationship. So as I continue to date, and gather my information and insight from my possible and potentials I can only say thank you to the Man who enters my life willingly and unknowingly of the love we are to grow into and experience. The relationship we passionately want and desire, and created openly for each other to nurture, learn and develop throughout or time.
Hello, 2012 to the love experience!

Lesson Eighty Two: You are who you are…….
I have lived a life of self-doubt and at times self-loathing behavior which accounted for many situations and conditions I chose to experience within my life, but oddly enough New Year’s Eve brought a sense of renewal and a new lease on life experience for me, and for that I am afforded a sense of hope and individual outlooks of success. I thought to myself why wait until the end of the year to have hope, faith and dream…..why not start and end each and every year on a high note. So enters the start of the New Year, my dreams and goals and bucket lists of desires remains. My head and heart are in unison and I eagerly await the next day. Self-affirmations and love goes a long way.


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