Each one Teach one

I have come across a lot of interesting self finds. For one I am a people person. I love the connection one gets (ME) when I am involved with people, a cause, or if I can be of some major assistance to someone in regards to getting a need, resource or answer to that impending headache of a question that is blistering on the mind! I realized that I continually write about resolving my romantic woes, which I am not in complaint about or see and issue with, actually I am learning more and more about myself and my individual needs that are not being heard and address, and although I write an overall essay about what I am feeling, going through and expressing it appears as if it’s more and more surface findings and nothing grounding me to continue to discover and dig deeper into my caverns of ME. It’s just when the disappointment comes and hits I am pulled away from my reality. I am pulled away from even fighting to pick up my computer and take aim at what has bothered me, festered or risen to the highest heights within me.

A valuable lesson and example I learned today was looking outside of myself and seeing the world for what it is and for what it isn’t. Just when I stepped outside of the shell of me, I began to get worried and wonder would I ever go back to my old assumptions and assumed normalcy, but then again I know that with everything comes changes and life is full of changes and transitions even if we are willing or not so willing to accept them. What is making my moment and the most of my time is finally taking ownership for me. Finally admitting to my journeys in life and the many detours that have led me to venture on trips and plains less desired and traveled on, but then again you always think to yourself if you would have never allowed this person in, you would not have witnessed the person you were shaping into or becoming.

We are all designed to embark on many travels and life adventures, but are we willing to accept these changes and challenges and acknowledge each and every hurtful slight, awkward embrace, missed love and lesson s learned? My life has a purpose and I am now growing into it more and more each day. I think back to the times when I was weak and willing and in need and assuming that all I needed in my life was someone to complete me. I was an empty glass, looking for someone to be the thirst quenching reason to progress, flow and evolve into someone and something so much more, and someone that I knew I was capable and able of becoming. Well that glass toppled over and what occurred was a shattering of glass. Pieces everywhere, sharp shards pointing up. Was I lost? Would I ever be able to piece together the pieces? What was I to become or what was I becoming? …….



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