So they say...IT WAS ALL A DREAM


If you stare into someone's eyes and engage their mind into an unspoken conversation, will you then find truth in the heart's desire?

If I close my eyes and lay back into the comfort of my bed, will I miss you?

My mind travels to the moment when I discovered my passion for you. I can not clarify love feelings, or feelings of love if I can not understand the mutual desire created between us. The issue at hand remains with letting you in.

You ask me "How can I serve you?" I answer in a way that is not receptive towards you. I answer in a way that has left character and umph to it. Nonchalant and challenging I have become, and why?


My trust levels have dampened. I have a lot of reservations, but honestly I remain optimistic that in fact although I am in a love
weakened state it's a temporary situation and will not best me. In fact, my eyes appear clear and free from the love fogs and haze that have previously seeped before me. I shall not fear or doubt, but explore and experience.


If I cross my arms to my heart, lean my head slightly back and fall backwards would you catch me? I have let go and allowed true love, genuine friendship and life experiences to better me. I have allowed you in and absolutely let go...Bliss!


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