Into the Void-

There are moments like these that require a lot more of my attention. Attention to detail and the design of my major scheme and its all-purpose meaning. What continues to have me spinning in sorts is my inability to separate need from wants, and learning when to take care of a need with no additional wants associated with it at all.

The Abandonment of engagement

I wish to attain nothing more then knowledge from each and every chance I have the opportunity to experience anything in regards to my romantic life. There has been doldrums and monotonous moments, but only in my acceptance of such moments. So in essence I have quieted my mind and allowed my fantasies of what is- to dictate my crossroad I have woven before myself.

How do I breathe?

People will always remain interested in others, once a spark has been created within their minds eye. The hardship with this spark created is when it’s not mutual, or it is limited. One would remain in a suspended state of the unknown. I on the other hand want to learn how to retain a mutual spark and continue to allow it to grow and never dull out at any moment. Should I isolate my mind and my heart it will long and linger feverishly? The flame that will arise and retain its form will be the spark that has cured the duality of the two-Need vs. Want

My stance would be…

Revealed to one, unknown to all and better experienced-


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