Time within-

The fluctuations of the human psyche can seep so deeply within the depths of one’s heart, that you lose consciousness and are left blinded by the graying skies, but within the clouded path there is balance. Over the weekend I was able to spend some quality time with myself. Gathering the nerve to walk over the Manhattan Bridge and erase a fear of heights and being left in a suspended state. Everything came to my mind when I was entering the walkway of the Manhattan Bridge. My own personal health, my thoughts on life and how I was currently living it instantly flashed across my mind. To be in service to others is one way we can live and conduct our lives, but to willingly and at times blindly live your life in regards to the benefits, time limitations and life hiccups of another? How could I cope with this sense of selflessness and selfishness in connection with my outlook on the overall experience of my life? So many questions had come to mind, and I could blame this experience and fault this one, but everything centers back to ME. It takes quality time spent with myself that I unveil acceptance and peace. It feels good!


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