Fresh face, best foot and self forward….

The energy and time we spend getting all dolled up and designed and perfumed down for a first date, should be the same energy we carry into our everyday getting up routine and experience. Today as I awoke I thanked everyone for the beautiful chilly AM, and for the ability to see another day to transform me. As I got up from bed I noticed that the shower water was not as warm as I would have liked. I could have easily skipped the shower (quick wash up) and put anything on and made my way out and about to work, however, I decided to make the best of this situation. I imagined I was out in the Rockies in the midst of the winter season. I imagined I was washing up in the coldest river ever. As I began washing and cleansing my body from the night sleep, I envisioned your eyes on me. I felt your touch and lips on my cheek to my neck, down my side and gently kissing the indent of my hips to pelvic bone. Hmmmm……. What a way to break the actual feeling of the cool water on my warm to hot skin! So as I envisioned this scenario, I also envisioned my ability to put my best self forward. I took my time with my hair, and make up and getting the correct perfume scent on for myself for the day. I took care of me, and met all of my needs and was extremely attentive to making my moment felt and experienced right. I feel as if everything started to align itself for a positive and awesome day. Constantly thinking and always in the throes of a new topic, I decided to speak on one’s ability to not make time for certain occasions, and things (people) but make these times and moments a daily experience. There are times when the sweat pants and hole in the shirt feels just about right, however, jazzing it up and making yourself feel simply amazing is what matters the most, and something that you can do in a matter of seconds. The food for thought figure is just how far we as individuals go to appease and appeal to another, when we hardly go through the motions of appealing and making ourselves feel good on our own. Long ago it appears are the days when I present myself as a gift for you. For you to open and plan out just exactly what this package of me will be. Long ago and far behind are the days when I concern myself with what you think and say and view of and about me. I opened my own package this morning and I was delighted with my self surprise.

Dreaming a sensual dream…….
Surrounded by you, all of you. Passionately teasing my senses with your scent and masculine smell. A smell that is so intoxicating it reminds me of night pleasures. Passionate and sweet are your words to my ear. Caressing and binding is your touch to my body. Intricately and detailed is your sex on me, and inside of me. Fully satisfied and situated are my mind, body and soul to the contours and folds of you. I embrace everything that you have shown and taught me, teasing me so until I can’t speak. I am engulfed and emblazoned by your passionate desire and need to take over me. For that I speak only love for you. A need and desire that grew from beyond our intimate moments spent together. For you never knew I imprinted my desire for you on the first day I saw you. I took in your size, your stance and your rise. Steady was your walk, and confirming was your grip on me when we crossed blindly in the endless rain ridden streets. I then knew I would be dreaming for and of you…….

Lesson Thirty One- Slowly untie your belt……
I am feeling more free in mind and soul and sprit. Ready to give my all to my needs and desires. No longer stagnant in thought and progress. I envision for everyone the better and the best, in fact as you read this I want you to look yourself in the mirror and slowly and sensually walk towards your image and just stare and say “Damn, I am so beautiful, sexy and talented and most of all I love and value me”. Sense of empowerment from personal pledges and self affirmations are the best medicine yet!


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