Knowing exactly what you want……

Having the ability to identify your wants, needs and desires is an amazing feat. I say this because not too long ago I knew what I wanted to have in my life, in regards to a prospective mate and life partner; however, I went about the assumed process the wrong way. One will never change their individual wants and needs and desires if we choose to settle for less then what we bargained for. I always hear that it’s best to be in a relationship regardless of all the circumstantial evidence of why this relationship really is a hazard for you. We are pushed by our friends relationships be it dating, married or the assumed on/off love marathons. We visually ingest all of societies assumed reasons for why we need to have a relationship. Singlehood and for that matter single life is deemed an unhappy time and experience in one’s life. So we gravitate to anyone who fits our most basic needs. We glide to anyone who looks at us with a smile. A simple wink and acknowledgement is all we need to carry on further to the basics of dating and relating 101. Our need or assumed need to want to be in a relationship, situation or just occupied by the interested and entertaining opposite sex (same sex) conditions our minds far away from our initial wants, needs and desires.
“I know that I need a strong person. Someone whom can hold their own and stand beside me; not in front or behind, but right next to me.”
Corrupting old ways…….
An initial meeting with someone does not determine or negate a relationship. Having texted, instant messaged or emailed, Twitter followed, Face Book status message liked or daily page comment negates a relationship. Going out, and experiencing each other’s culture, friendship, personality and likes and dislikes negates the start of a friendship, with impending ideas and possibilities towards developing a further romantic future and relationship. As an adult we must face the reality of sex and how sex has positive and at times negative meanings associated with casual sex, dating and relating.
Ideas on Casual sex:
I am not approving or denying anyone’s assumed sexual experiences, however, for this matter I am only focusing on my personal experiences and instances in my life where I deemed casual sex as a good thing, and then again not so good thing. At times we think with our most intimate and private parts. We become so spun and hot and bothered over our attractive interest that all morals, principals and self signed and sealed responsibility act falls out of the window. If you are looking more toward the future and stability and getting yourself and personal life passions adjusted, casual sex will not get you anywhere for too long.
“I may have loved you passionately throughout the night. I may have guided you more than once inside of me. I may have kissed and looked at you deeply so, but all I was and could ever be to you was a flame fading out in the wind.”

Lesson Thirty Two: More than a lover….
I will meet you my friend. You will enter my life at a point where all is balancing and moving forward. I will embrace the concept of many failed attempts and mistakes at the dating and relating experience, however, I am not bitter or soured on future relationships. I have gathered a respect and self fulfillment on achieving happiness. You will knock, I will answer.


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