Effective Communication

A new attempt at opening myself up to new experiences, and also, building and framing long lasting experiences, I am venturing out more by effectively communicating. Constantly staying abreast of each other and talking with one another continues to build binding ties that will eventually grow and strengthen. I envisioned myself as a technologically sound communicator. I am in love with any form of instant messaging. I envisioned one’s ability to be able to be receptive to all forms of communication and staying on top of all, however, I never really knew the impersonal impression this form of communicating can have on ones relationships. If I send you a text message, and it follows with your response and then continued communication, you may feel as if everything is going well; however, what you may not notice is the closed connection and experiences you are developing with your receiver. Allowing contact to be controlled by 160 characters tells a lot about your relationship. Writing and reading can be the great deceiver of all. Writing amuses and amazes you, writing intrigues and captivates you. Reading allows you to process the information you believe to be true. Reading allows you to envision the exact response you would have hoped and dreamed for. The combination of the two can define, sweep you off your feet, open and share an assumed world and dictate an almost virtual relationship. Sadly, it will and can be short lived. There is no sustenance in the conversations any longer. Assumptions become what they are, assumed to be truths. Reality is indistinguishable from disappointment, and heartache.
Hearing your voice and breathing excites me. From moments of frustration, to moments of bliss I am happy to know we can effectively communicate. I can just stay on the phone, writing or watching TV and not hear a word from you, but when I hear from you so begins the conversations. You’re my corrective muse, LAUGHS OUT LOUD!
So you see and say…….
So as noted communicating appears to be the focal point and clear keyword to productivity when relating with anyone. It appears to be extremely effective within the dating and relating realm. Understanding and the ability to see that not everyone is perfect, people have opinions, and although we have familiarity and similar stuff and goals going on, we are true and blue distinct! So distinct that it doesn’t unsettle or upset one, it only continues to allow us to want to grow and become familiar with one another. It allows me to see your difference and unique qualities in a way that garters respect. I look at each and every difference in anyone I come across in path, and appreciate them more!

Lesson Thirty-Nine: Now I can feel it
Such an eye opener simplicity can be. The simple things in life are meant to be experienced over and over. The little things in life that allows us to get through, over, under life hurtles are awesome experiences. Not only am I appreciative a lot more, but I clearly see what life continues to offer me. I smile handsomely and embrace life in my arms.


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