I think about US

Emotional intimacy…..

Wanting that connection beyond the general understanding and meaning of me and you. I continually look forward to explore everything of and about you. I want to know every little and major thing about you. I want to figure out all your in’s and out’s. I want to listen to your stories, good and bad and welcome you to a life of love. I would love to explore with you the boundaries of a friendship that has transcended into a blossoming relationship. I would love to share and open my world up to you. Being naked to you; in the sense of me offering my most inner self to you. To hug and kiss you to silence. To smile and embrace you after a long and hard days of work. To sit next to you resting my head in your arms and staring up at you settle me. Your fear of loving me, expressing and opening yourself to me holds you away from the peace and solace that you could possibly have. Why must you pull yourself away from me? You deserve to be happy, loved and appreciated. As do I. I have come to learn that sex and infatuations are short lived and cause major palpations to the heart. The time for long term, patience, guidance and the willingness to make attempts at having the best relationship experience ever becomes mind consuming. Intoxicating is love, and living love and going through love; it’s just something that intrigues the mind. As always I will think of your embrace and intoxicating kisses, and feel of you through our time spent together. At times I would love to solve your riddles and calm your mind, but you won’t allow me to do so……

If it makes you happy……
Smile more often. Think about all the loving times and moments, with not just one person, but everyone who enters your life. Open the doors for friendships and renewed friendships, faithfulness, happiness and amazing moments in time. The old adage of “Living life and loving life” is meant to be experienced in more than one way and aspect. It’s meant to be your morning start and evening rest down. It’s meaning excels you to want to experience and express more of you. Genuinely expressive of yourself and the major moments and hills it took of you to climb and captures in order to embrace where you are currently. Lift your arms in the air and hold your head entirely back. Breathe in your noise, and out your mouth. Embrace freedom and the freeing of tensions and feelings. Feelings that are not too entirely clear, but echoes huge statements. I am here. I am me. I am happy.

Lesson Thirty Eight: I reason with you….
I am not solving you, or attempting to identify anything that resembles what we have and had. I reason with you, because I know that we are in this together. Chemistry has been bestowed upon us. I reason with that.


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