Do you like to be proven wrong? Or at least shown another route that would benefit you in the long run? I experienced that open ended heart exposure. I was shown a different route in love and life, and well I am not too sure where this path leads, however, my attention and eyes are wide open. I was given an opportunity to explore and expand my mind, while furthering relations that appeared to be unraveled, but at whose end? During the moment of take off and touch down into a sinfully enchanting city, I had time to think about where exactly I wanted “this” relationship to head. If I wanted to challenge my fears and uneasiness and completely get lost into the newness of old comfort and security? With so many questions and thoughts on my mind, one solid answer came before me. This answer basically stated to just enjoy the moment and life experienced and expressed in this moment. So much of our time and life is sacrificed for everyone else, but ourselves. I am willing to take my time for me. I am willing to walk slowly forward and question each step, not out of fear, but out of genuine interest.
So this particular path I decided to walk on and through with my best heels. I came across a person who actually likes me for me weird ways. I came across someone who appreciates me for just being me. I have no idea how they tolerate my temper tantrums and moments of pure hell, however, their patience and willingness to ease my upset inspires me. In fact I really looked at you. I saw all of you. There was no false pretense or anything above and beyond. You presented yourself to me in so many ways. You afforded me the opportunity to see just who you really are. I felt entrapped in safety and security. I left the handle bars go and raised both my hands in the air and continually peddled emotionally. It felt good to let go and let it be.

New Year and another written note
This is my first New Year movement and moment where I decided that I did not make any New Year’s Resolutions. I decided that I am going to live and enjoy my life to the fullest. My6 willingness to please and be pleased must be balanced, and with that I incorporated understanding and patience and a new ability to listen and learn. So many times my feelings were placed before all. I could not resolve an issue without physically experiencing it to point where it paralyzed me. I upset myself by taking offense to everything. I decided that no matter what the situation is, I will no longer feel slighted or hurt to the extent of utter bitterness. I understand now that people experience and go through many things, and that life is extremely full of the up’s and down’s, however, how we handle and address the situation speaks volumes of how we will conduct ourselves. I am fortunate for the ability to break down and express myself and emotions through written knowledge. So this New Year I decided to be able to tackle the immense fears of failure and hurt. I have the ability to recognize issues and problems. I have the ability to make sound judgment and not allow anything to center itself to me. I have the ability to progress and move further on in my life to the point of completion and success. Inner mantras allow me to further myself, to trust in myself and actually love myself. Something that has taken time. Time sought from others to bring upon me. I am smiling and feeling great about this New Year and some of the recent decisions and choices. I desire amazing moments and good times.
What creeps back, crawls…….
Your effort to elude my common sense will not winner over me. It takes time for me to disappear to be realized all over again. I had a sample of good wine. Actually great wine. You’re a beer! Get lost!

Lesson Thirty- Six
Take time to love you and know you. Someone who appreciates and will value you will join you.
Happy New Year and to a happy and healthy HEART!


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